For over 14 years Elmdon Day Nursery has been offering caring, stimulating, high quality childcare to ensure all our children develop to their highest potential.

In partnership with staff , parents and Ofsted we have created an environment where all children are able to blossom and grow.

The bright, colourful nursery has been designed and planned to meet the needs of all age groups.We have separate specialist areas for each age and a large outdoor play area featuring a mud kitchen, play chalet , twigwam, balancing beams, sand pit, and a variety of climbing equipment and ride on toys.The apple and pear trees provide spring blossom, summer shade and autumn fun when the children run to collect the fruit.

Our aim is to provide a friendly, caring, healthy and fun nursery for all children and to enable all our parents/carers to feel confident and reassured when leaving their children in our care.